Sunday, July 1, 2012

Abercrombie State Park

Hiking in Abercrombie
State Park

What a gorgeous day to take a hike!

This beautiful state park was once a World War II Fort. Located all over the park is evidence of this fact. There are bunkers where lookouts watched the waters surrounding the area.

There are also multiple turrets where large guns once stood and were used to sink any ships or planes that came too close.

Despite the evidence of war, this park has some of the most beautiful views from the trails it has. Tom and I found multple placed to stop and enjoy the view, look at the wild flowers or the eagles flying, and enjoyed the beach....yes, I said, beach. Although Kodiak's beaches are not white, they are still beautiful. I would not want to get in to that cold, nearly freezing water. But, there are several times that Tom and I have seen surf boards on top of people's cars driving around town. Impressive!

I made my own Zen rock-stand to help bring a sense of peace and harmony. It seemed to help me feel there is hope and new, beautiful life. all things.

We couldn't help but stop several times to just take in the beauty of what surrounded us.

I talked Tom in to taking our photo...a shot that seems to have become our staple picture opportunity.

The last view of the another beach on the way back to the car was another beautiful site.

Such a beautiful park, well worth going...multiple times!  Which we have. And, there are more posts to come that will cover those details!

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