Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things to Do In Kodiak

Tom and I have made a list of the things that we want to do while in Kodiak. There are the basics, such as start a garden and go hiking. But, there are also a great many things that sparked our interest that are unique to Kodiak. This is our tentative list:

1)  Go to the Marine Research Center where they have a touch-tank and information about the local area marine life.

2)  Take a float plane to get a more scenic tour of the island.

3)  Go bear watching.

4)  Get trained to take out the boats offered through MWR in the Coast Guard, so we can go fishing for halibut.

5)  Go camping in a "Scamp" (a hard-shell camping trailer needed because we will be camping in bear country).

6)  Go fishing for salmon (we have found out that the red and silver salmon are what humans eat; pink salmon is for the bears; and the chum salmon is for the dogs - who knew?).

7)  Hike up the various mountains in the area (Old Woman, Pillar, etc).

8)  Go Whale Watching!

The only two things we haven't seen on this web-site are the whales and the bears (I keep hoping to see the whales and Tom keeps hoping to see the bears...yikes!)

9) Go Kayaking!!!

There really is soooo much to do here! It's like being on vacation...and, not having to go home!

The list, ofcourse, is growing and gets added to daily. This is just a preliminary list.

One of the places that is close to us and full of trails to explore is called Abercrombie State Park (which is going to be in my next post! - Tom is in the picture below, looking at the beautiful coast along the trail we took in Abercrombie State Park.)

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