Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pitbull Comes to Kodiak

Pitbull Comes to Kodiak

A major rockstar is coming to Kodiak's Wal-Mart...who knew?!

So, yesterday, while going to join some of the ladies for a Zumba class I heard them talking about "Pitbull". He, it turns out, is one of the artists that Zumba has used for their workouts.

 He has also worked with such artists as Mark Anthony (seen in this video together), and many other well-known musicians. He's a sensation, apparently. I had no idea, until...

It turns out that there was a promise that Pitbull made...he would go to the local Wal-mart of the city that gave him the most Facebook "likes". There was a "conspiracy" (so say the ladies at Zumba) here on Kodiak Island to make this their quest to get him here!

After 71,000 (plus) hits, Pitbull was surpised to find out that he was going to be going to an island off the Coast of Alaska...of all things...Kodiak!

I'm posting this because I just ran across it in the news and found it too funny to NOT post.

Haven't decided whether I'll be showing up for this major event...but, we'll see :)

I think there's been more action on this small island in the past 2 months with stars coming here than I had seen in the lower 48 for years!


Fun stuff...


  1. Funny! and Deborah, you Have to go!!! Cut loose!! But what actually is he going to do at the Walmart? You guys should have him go live at your Zumba class!

    1. Ha! We'll see if Tom's up for joining me :)

      That was my question too...what will he be doing? Is he giving a concert occapella maybe? Signing photos/CD's? Not sure. But, whatever it is, I can guarantee there will be several people attending. Apparently there are several people who are coming from Anchorage and all over Alaska to see this. We are going to have a busy weekend in Kodiak! Yikes!