Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kodiak Wild Flowers

Kodiak Wild Flowers
Color that splashes across the scene and brings new life after a long winter!

On the many hikes Tom and I have now taken, nothing stands out more and catches my attention so fully as the wildflowers of Kodiak.

It was a long winter, with record-breaking snow fall this past winter here in Kodiak. So, when the brown, dead grasses turned in to green, lively forliage everyone was excited to see the flowers come out this spring!

The Nootka Lupine is just about every where you go for hiking on Kodiak.

The Chocolate Lilly is a rich combination of chocolate brown and burgundy.

I think this is the Bog Cranberry, but I'm still guessing at this point.

There are other flowers that I am still attempting to find out what their names are...

While Tom and I were exploring we found a beach that had such fine sand if it weren't for the color (grey) I would think we were in Hawaii!

We, ofcourse, went down to explore the beach and before I knew it Tom was on his knees in the and writing something...

After he finished writing it, I realized how special it really was...

Awww! I Love You Too, Sweetie!!!

That same beach had several shells that had been polished by the surf pounding and rolling them over and over against the other rocks and sand until the shells were smooth and pearl-like. I couldn't resist and had to collect a whole hand-full.

It was a day that we had actually gone out to explore the island, hoping to find some good camping spots (to go fishing for salmon), and along the way found memories and other treasures to enjoy.

Such a beautiful day!!!

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  1. Pink ones look like shooting stars (Dodecatheon). I'm moving to Kodiak next week. Getting exciting with your pics!