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Kodiak - A Community Full of Artists!

Art Abounds in Kodiak

As an Art Therapist, I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to find that Kodiak has a huge amount of art and artists here!

This stained glass piece is rather large. It takes up the entire bay window running down the hallway at Kodiak College. It features several themes unique to Kodiak:  Bears, the Russian Orthodox Church steaple, Eagles (which are everywhere in Kodiak) and King Crab caught here locally (as seen on "Deadliest Catch" - ). It's a beautiful piece of art.

Downtown Marine Life Mural

There is an amazing mural that takes up a whole corner down by the marina. The mural has the marine life that are popular in the area. The humback whale, orcas, seals, octopus, and several other animals are present in the mural.

Albert Amoson

One of my favorite artists here from Kodiak is Albert Amoson. His work is in several galleries and he is featured as one of Alaska's fore-most artists. He is also an Alutiiq native.

Artist: Alvin Amason

This bear is HUGE! It takes up the whole wall. If you can see, the bear actually comes right off the painting. It is 3-D! His snout and his paw are both extensions. This Alaskan Native artist is very well known around the world. His pieces are also in the Alutiiq Museum here in town. This piece is found at Henry's Bar and Grill, an eating and drinking establishment found just across from the marina and the Harbor Master's Building. It's actually a great place to hang out, you can see all the locals as well as the tourists here.        

Below is "Papa said no, no, no" by Alvin Amason, an Alutiq (Sugpiaq) artist from Old Harbor, Kodiak Island.

Dake Schmidt Photography

Another of my local favorite artists is a photographer by the name of Dake. When Tom and I first got to the island, we went to an arts and crafts show that was being held during the Crab Festival in May. We saw the photography then, printed on canvas (not of glossy paper, which is usual for artists). I immediately fell in love with his style.

His work has a unique eye, and is beautiful. One of Dake's shots of a salmon just caught is up on Tom's office wall right now! 

So, when a calendar of his work came out. I was one of the first to snatch it up.

The Northern Exposure Art Gallery

This is a local gallery that features many of the Kodiak Island artists.

Bruce Nelson is one of the featured artists at the gallery. His art centers on local wildlife and scenery.

The gallery has also featured Priscilla Messner who does several paintings featuring the Coast Guard.

Rie Munoz also is featured. She has a quirky and whimsical approach to her portrayal of life on Kodiak.

While Huong has amazing prints of the fish and other scenes that have an Asian flare.

Native Artwork Around Town

This blog entry would not be complete without mentioning the native artwork around town.

There are Alutiiq Masks and other images.

There are also several totem polls and other Tlingit artwork.

More Artwork in Local Hang Outs

Henry's is not the only Bar and Grill that sports artwork. "The Rendezvous"...

...also has artwork on it's walls. It has a huge mural that features kelp, tuna, and flounder.

There's a saw that has the head of an eagle and a puffin painted on it.

And other amazing artwork adorns the walls, along with surf-boards (Yes, they surf in Kodiak...good waves here, but you need a very thick wet suit to stay warm).

This link features Marla BB singing some blues/alternative rock at The Rendezvous. You can see the neon guitar and dart board behind the band (seen in the pic above). Live music is also a big deal here on Kodiak Island. There's a great deal of music played and enjoyed. Fun!

Varied Artists in Kodiak

The other artists that I do not yet have pictures of, but am working on, are quilters, artists that make Mermaids, sculptors, and so much more. As I explore and get to know the incredible people of this town I look forward to sharing more with you!

The Kodiak Arts Counsel

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