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The Town of Kodiak

The Town of Kodiak 
Small town atmosphere with a big heart!

The Layout of Kodiak
When coming in to Kodiak I quickly realized that there was no "downtown". There are two main streets (Rezanof and Mill Bay Road) that branch off from the "Y" when you enter city limits, just pass the marina.

The marina is probably the hub of the town. From the Marina, most of the rest of the city of Kodiak developed. Starting at the marina all the other service buildings are located: The Library, the banks, Town Hall, the Visitor Center, etc.

To drive to our home you have to choose to do down either Rezanof or Mill Bay Road. They both run the length of the town. The town is located on the North-Eastern part of Kodiak Island, on the South side.

Most of the island is uninhabited. The roads only go for a short distance (total of approximately 100 miles of road). To get anywhere else on the island, you have to either fly there or take a boat.

Kodiak, the island, is located just off of the South coast of Alaska.

Some History of Kodiak
It is in the Pacific Ocean, but it is also referred to as the Gulf of Alaska. Being and island, and being so exposed to a large body of water, Kodiak had been through a tsunami back in 1946.

The town was devistated, several buildings leveled. 114 people died in Alaska as a result of this event. They rebuilt, however, and now there are several homes right on the water, and throughout the City of Kodiak that are very beautiful.

This time though, there are evacuation routes marked, sirens that are in place to go off, and the Coast Guard is ready to move in to action when/if necessary.  There's no way to predict when/if there will be another earthquake or tsunami, but Kodiak has done everything it can to be ready should this occur once again.

Friendly Town, Friendly People
The people in Kodiak are very welcoming. They are extremely thankful for the Coast Guard, and as a result are very open to anyone associated with them. The Coast Guard has saved many a life in the area and just knowing there are "angels in the sky" that can rescue people in trouble has the town feel that much more safe. Tom and I have been invited to go fishing, come over for dinner, and welcomed to the island more times than we can count. It's been a genuine blessing to meet everyone here!

Russian Churches
There are many churches here in Kodiak. Some of the most interesting revolve around the Russian Catholic faith. There are multiple churches that have the famous architecture that reminds me Russia used to own this land, and is still not all that far away (just on the other side of the Aleutian Islands). I couldn't resist taking a few pics of these beautiful churches.

Views from the Shoreline
There are, ofcourse, lots of views from the shoreline that are breath-taking. Looking in just about any 180 degree direction will get you views of the water, the islands, the wildlife in the water, the boats, etc. It's one of my favorite ways to feel like I'm not "hemmed in" or "trapped" on an island. Seeing the horizon makes me feel free. It's a very rewarding experience to have the sun come out and show where the horizon meets the water line.

Upcoming events Tom and I will be going to...

July 3-4: Independence Day
At midnight on July 3, a large fireworks display over Chiniak Bay marks the beginning of Independence Day celebrations. Island communities celebrate with parades and special observance. In Kodiak the Multi-cultural Committee holds a parade in celebration of the community's diverse mix of races and cultures.

July 14-16: Bear Country Music Festival
An annual musical extravaganza that includes a full-spectrum of bluegrass, country, folk, soft rock and Alaskan music. Over fifty bands and musicians from Alaska are slated to perform.

It's gonna be a fun couple of weeks!

Kodiak Facts (Given by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce):

1)  Inhabited by the Alutiqs (Native Americans) since 8,000 B.C.
2)  Settled by Russians in 1792
3)  First capitol of Russian-America
4)  Sixth largest city in Alaska
5)  Temperature range from -20 degrees to 82 degrees F
6)  Average annual precipitation: 74.2 inches
7)  Home of the largest U.S. Coast Guard Base
8)  Home of the Kodiak brown bear - world's largest carnivore
9)  Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge - 2,491 square miles
10)  Second largest island in the Unites States

Harbor Facts:

1)  Largest fishing port in the United States
2)  Two marinas - 650 slips and Vessels up to 150' LOA
3)  Pier 1, Ferry Dock
4)  Pier 2, Fisherman's Terminal
5)  Pier 3, Cargo Terminal

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  1. I lived in Kodiak in 1957-1960, and you have captured so many memories for me. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. The flowers were always a surprise, even as a kid