Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gary Sinise in Concert on Kodiak!

Gary Sinise and the Lieutenant Dan Band

What a Fun Concert!

Tom and I found out that Gary Senise had not only been to the Coast Guard in Kodiak two years ago to put on a concert, he was also scheduled to come again this year! Going to work out every day on post, we would see the poster that had his picture on it. "Do you want to go," Tom asked me one day. "I hear it's supposed to be loud, but fun."

I was a definite "yes". The movie, FOREST GUMP, had a been a favorite of mine. Gary Senise did an excellent job in playing the role of Leutenant Dan, winning a great deal of acclaim.

He had also been starring in another favorite of mine, CSI New York. He plays a Crime Scene Investigator, Mac, and also has had a great deal of success in this role.

Gary also enjoys playing the bass guitar and has put together a band, The Leutenant Dan Band.

Gary had been to the Kodiak Coast Guard Base two years ago and obviously had a great time here...

He seems like a genuinely nice guy. So, Tom and I got dressed up, went out for pizza before the concert, and then drove on to base...

Parked in front of the hanger...

And walked in to a very large party...

We saw Gary Sinise on the stage, with bass guitar in hand, smiling away, and obviously having fun...

There were quite a few people. We saw Tom's boss and co-workers, and we even saw some of the Coast Guard Alaska people who had been on the TV show! (so surreal to see people in person that were just on TV...oh...less than 3 months ago!)

We really had a wonderful time, and once again pinched ourselves. We are so very thankful to be fulfilling this in Kodiak, Alaska! What a life :)

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