Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Coast Guard

The United States

Coast Guard,

Kodiak, Alaska

They are called the “Angels in the Sky” here in Alaska!

So, as I shared in the beginning of this blog, Tom and I got interested in Kodiak, Alaska, because of watching the TV show "Coast Guard Alaska". It's about the rescue swimmers that the coast guard uses to help fishermen in danger, or hunters who are stranded without appropriate gear, or people who live in remote areas who get in trouble and need to be taken to the hospital but can only do so through the help of the Coast Guard.

When Tom was looking for a job, he called me one day, back in January and said, "What would you think about moving to Kodiak, Alaska?" I thought he was joking. But, when he explained that there was a job opening there that he might be able to get, I quickly told him to "go for it!" It was not only the career move he wanted, Tom is also an avid fisherman and hunter. Kodiak is like Mecca for fishermen and hunters. And, after watching the Coast Guard Alaska shows, I realized that the community in Kodiak was full of some pretty fantastic people.


So, before we knew it Tom found out he got the job. He is the new Health Promotion Manager for the entire state of Alaska's Coast Guard. I am very proud of him!

Off to Alaska he went, and a month later I joined him. It's called the "Emerald Island" because when the sun comes out in the summer the whole island turns green and it is simply beautiful around here.

On base, Tom and I have been working out regularly with eachother in the very same building that the Coast Guard Alaska show has done training with the possible rescue swimmers, both in the gym and in the pool.

Tom's office is on the left, in the same building as the Commissary, and the Rec is on the right. Beyond that are the two very large hangers that the Coast Guard keeps their three large cargo plains, and three rescue helicopters.

Just beyond Tom's office is the marina where little boats can be rented to go Halibut fishing out in the open waters. Any of the Coast Guard Personnel is able to do this, and we are very much looking forward to catching some fish soon!

We've been told that anything 30 pounds or smaller is called "Chicken" because the meat is tender and enjoyable, while anything larger (they can get HUGE) is called a "Barn Door".

One day, after dropping Tom off at his office, I parked and walked down to the marina. It was a particularly beautiful day. I took a picture of Women's Bay that the Coast Guard post sits on, and above it is Old Woman's Mountain. Tom and I are planning on hiking to the top of it soon and enjoy the vista views of the base and surrounding bay area.

While out on the dock, I got to see one of the Coast Guard ships repositioning itself at the much larger dock, just a few hundred yards away. It was a glorious view, as you can see here.

While on the dock I looked down and was hoping to see some fish swimming by. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find that several small jelly fish were undulating gracefully just below the surface. I was enthralled!

As I was taking pictures of the jelly fish and the ship and the mountain views, I heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, I saw that two men were getting in to one of the boats for rent. They were going out Halibut fishing and looking forward to a day out on the water. I caught a picture of them as they went by, and ofcourse thought to myself, "That will be Tom and I in the not-too-distant future!"

Looking back at the Coast Guard Post, I got one last view of the hangers before I went back home for the day...

This is the very place where the Coast Guard Alaska show has done multiple shows, and where the rescue swimmers are based at.

So Cool!!!


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