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Quilting in Vivid Color in Kodiak

Quilting in Kodiak

One of the fun things about Kodiak is all the artistic and creative things available to participate in, including Quilting!

So, on one of the Yoga Mountain hikes (see previous blog entry) that Tom and I went on we met Alexis. She is one of the teachers at the High School in Kodiak. She is also a quilter. Her quilts usually end up as gifts to family, but the quilts that she does have she brought out to show us when we went over for dinner.
Her first quilt was done when Alexis' first daughter was born. Alexis had hoped that her daughter would want the quilt for her bed and was pleasantly surprised when later, as the eldest child grew up, asked if she could indeed use the quilt on her bed.

She began with simple designs that were made more complex by the color choices Alexis made.

One of the really amazing things about Alexis' quilts are the hand-made styles on the fabrics Alexis uses to make her quilts. According to Alexis' husband, "She's got connections". These connections make for some beautiful finished products that really add richness and depth to the quilts.

Another favorite of mine used the rich colors of maroon, blue, purple and rust to accentuate the design chosen. The stitch that covers the quilt creates diamond patterns on part of the quilt and is also covered with circular stitches on another part. The designs from the cut out fabrics have the sharp edges that make for a unique and colorful fans.

She is currently working on a piece that has more browns and greens incorporated in the star-shaped design. It is nearly done and again highlights the beautiful hand-made fabric designs she is drawn to.

I want to thank Alexis for opening up her home to us and sharing her amazing art work! It's clear that she loves what she is doing, and it's also clear that those around her who are fortunate enough to receive one of her quilts really appreciate her too!

Alexis has also been passing on her love of quilting by teaching her friends. In this photo, Marie Achemah created a quilt made out of fabric from Uganda! Such beautiful work! 

Quilters in Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak is full of quilters, it turns out. There are Quilting Organizations such as the Kodiak Bear Paw Quilters ( They have groups, showings, exhibits, and competitions that keep quilters in Kodiak engaged in what they do.

My Aunt Karen's Quilting
With my Aunt Karen so actively involved in quilting ( it has become something near and dear to my heart! Love you, Aunt Karen!

A Good Friend and Colleague's Quilting
It wasn't long ago that I was fortunate enough to make a silent auction bid on a quilt that was created by an Art Therapy colleague of mine (Whitney Nobis). This quilt features squares that were created by different art therapy master's students and the instructors/professors at Emporia State University, my alma mater.

Now that I have this beautiful quilt in my collection I make sure that it goes up in my office where ever I am working. When I am doing art therapy with a client I refer to that quilt as an example of all the different ways there are to do art. "Art does not have to look a specific way, but instead can be at any level and in any way imaginable." I tell them. "Being creative is what it is all about!" There are three pieces on this quilt that were specific quilt squares and they are beautiful.

 Thank you to all you quilters out there! You make such beautiful work!

Some additional links that Aunt Karen forwarded on to me...good stuff!!!

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